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Elections Updates Summer 2013


The Election Department conducts all municipal, state, and federal elections within the City of Boston. The Department ensures that elections are properly managed and conducted in accordance with City, state, and federal laws. The Department also handles the registration of voters, proper maintenance of voters’ status and manages the annual listing of Boston residents age 17 and over.

May 28th Special Election & Unofficial Results

Unofficial results of the Special State Election will be available here.
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2013 Boston Election Calendar

5/28/13 – Special State Election (1st Suffolk Senate, 8th Suffolk Rep.)

6/25/13 – Special State Election (Senator in Congress, 8th Suffolk Rep.)
9/24/13 - Preliminary Municipal Election
11/5/13 - Municipal Election

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Special Elections Today!

Take the CareVote pledgeTake the CareVote pledgeSign our pledge to make sure human service supporters are represented at the polls!

Take Action

The old saying that “decisions are made by those who show up” couldn’t be more true. Especially when it comes to elections. That’s exactly why our elected officials pay so much attention to the voters in their districts.

That’s also why it’s so important that we make sure they know that human service supporters vote. Sign on to our CareVote pledge to send a clear message that you support human services and you vote!

If you live in Boston or Cambridge, there may be a special election happening in your district today:

  • Voters in parts of Dorchester, South Boston, Hyde Park, and Mattapan will be deciding between between Democrat State Representative Linda Dorcena Forry and Republican Joseph Anthony Ureneck in the Special Election to fill the First Suffolk Senate seat vacated by Jack Hart.
  • Voters Back Bay, Beacon Hill, and parts of Cambridge will be choosing between Democrats Joshua L. Dawson and Jay D. Livingstone in a Special Primary Election to fill the Eighth Suffolk Representative seat vacated by Martha Walz. Republican Victor Navarro was not able to get on the ballot but is mounting a write-in campaign.

Later this summer, every voter in the Commonwealth will head to the polls to decide whether our next U.S. Senator will be Democrat U.S. Rep. Ed Markey or Republican Gabriel Gomez.Let us know that we can count on you to go to the polls by signing our CareVote pledge today!

Here are a few general tips and reminders for today’s elections and all of the races happening this summer:

  • To find out if you live in the First Suffolk Senate or Eighth Suffolk Representative districts — or find out where to vote — visit
  • Polls are open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m.
  • In primary elections, you must vote in the primary election of the party in which you registered. If you’re unenrolled, you may vote in either primary.
  • If you have moved, turned 18, or become a citizen since the last election, you may need to update your voter registration or register for the first time. Get the details on the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s website.

Here’s a full list of all of the elections happening across the state this summer:

  • TODAY: Special General Election in the First Suffolk Senate District (to replace Jack Hart) and Special Primary Election in the Eighth Suffolk District (to replace Martha Walz)
  • June 5: Last day to register to vote in the Special Election for senator in Congress.
  • June 25: Special Election for Senator in Congress (to replace U.S. Sen. John Kerry) and State Special Election for Eighth Suffolk Representative District (to replace Rep. Martha Walz).
  • August 13: State Special Primary Election for Sixth Bristol Representative District (to replace Rep. David Sullivan) and State Special Primary Election for Sixteenth Worcester Representative District (to replace Rep. John Fresolo).
  • September 10: State Special Election for Sixth Bristol Representative District (to replace Rep. David Sullivan) and State Special Election for Sixteenth Worcester Representative District (to replace Rep. John Fresolo).

Politicians pay attention to who shows up at the polls – let’s make sure they know we’ll be there!


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