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Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Update

Dear Friends:

January 17, 2013








1. The January 2013 EPC Newsletter (#136) is available online at: Download here.

2. The Quebec government continues to push towards legalizing euthanasia by defining euthanasia as medical treatment. Link to my article. EPC and Vivre dans la Dignité in Quebec will need to challenge the Quebec government plan. Link to my article.

3. EPC is launching the Declaration of HOPE to convince political leaders that Canadians want positive responses to difficult life conditions, not euthanasia or assisted suicide. Please sign the Declaration of HOPE and forward the link to the Declaration of HOPE to all of your friends and contacts. Link.

4. The book: Exposing Vulnerable People to Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide has sold well. Exposing Vulnerable People can also be sent-out by email. The email version has live links. Order the book here.

5. The shocking case of the identical twins in Belgium who were deaf and killed by euthanasia because they feared becoming blind received international attention. Link to my article. Stephen Drake, researcher for the disability rights group Not Dead Yet wrote this commentary on the Belgian twins.


6. The court in Ireland said NO to assisted suicide in the Fleming case. Link to my article. This is good news for Canada because the Fleming case was based on the Carter case in British Columbia.

7. January is a good time to renew your ($25) membership in the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Link to donate

8. Dr. Will Johnston, the Chair of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition in BC has been involved with an online debate with a doctor from Dying with Dignity. Link to the article.


9. Please support the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition as we intervene in the Carter case at the BC Court of Appeal (March 4 – 8) and the Leblanc case in Quebec (March 25 – 28). Link to donate.


  Thank you for your support  


Alex Schadenberg,
Executive Director


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